Health professionals treat a diverse set of individuals

But diversity in healthcare is lacking.

The most pervasive barriers to receiving quality healthcare stem from cultural, socio-economic, and language differences between patients and healthcare providers. This is an avoidable problem.

Students who identify as underrepresented minorities in medicine deserve the opportunity to better the health of their communities.

The Underrepresented Youth in Healthcare Conference will offer students concrete information regarding the health of marginalized groups and the chance to meet current students pursuing careers in health.

The healthcare field needs students with your perspective and experiences treating patients. URY conference can start you on your pathway. Students attending both days of the conference will receive a certificate of completion.

URM students enrolled in MD programs (2019-2020):

Black: 7.3%

Hispanic: 6.5%

Native: 0.21%

URM students enrolled in MPH programs (2016):

Black: 10.3%

Hispanic: 11.5%

Native: 0.4%

URM students enrolled in DDS programs (2018):

Black: 6.3%

Hispanic: 10.7%

Native: .0089%