The conference will be separated into two days on October 24 and 25. Students will register for the conference here and sign up for presentations to attend.

Each presentation will be its own zoom meeting with zoom codes and passwords provided to each participant (provided on a page long program with descriptions of presentations).

Each presenter will be an advanced undergraduate student or recent graduate student that has done extensive research on their topic.

Day one will focus on health inequities and prominent health issues within the following groups:

  • Black and African American
  • Native American and Indigeonous populations
  • Latinx

Day two will focus on having students connect to undergraduates and graduates of color pursuing careers in healthcare. Students will be able to learn more about various health careers. Students will choose from the following pathways/presentation rooms:

  • Medical/Physician Assistant
  • Nursing (Including CNA, RN, Nurse Practitioner)
  • Dentistry (Including Dental Assistant)
  • Public Health and Health Policy